Sabina’s Tofu Recipe

Long time volunteer Sabina shares with us her amazing recipe for home made tofu. Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops where Sabina will show us how to make it.



  • 400 g dried soybean
  • 1.7 L water
  • If conventional soybean
    • 25 g coarse sea salt
    • 30 g white vinegar
  • If organic soybean
    • 30 g coarse sea salt
    • 35 g white vinegar


  1. Soak dried soybeans with warm water (about 12-15 hours depending on cold or warm water), remove the skin of soybeans.
  2. Blend soybeans with 1.7 L water to get soybean juice, and boil in medium sized pot until it reaches 100 degrees Celsius. Turn off heat and skim off the foam.
  3. Remove pot from heat, add sea salt and vinegar and stir. Place lid on pot and let site for 15-20 min until tofu condenses.
  4. Wrap condensed tofu with moist cotton towel or cheese cloth, and press it for about 30 min for soft tofu, longer for harder tofu.
  5. Boil tofu with water a second time to remove salt and vinegar taste.

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