Produce Box Pick Up Service

Hello Market shoppers!

We have exciting news! We are planning on having a weekly produce box pick-up service available to those of you who are interested. Pick up will be Wednesday between 1:00 pm-1:30 pm at the Cedar Cottage Neighborhood House. We will have a veggie box and fruit box available.

You can pick 3 items for $3 or 5 items for $5. 

Veggie Box                                                                     Fruit Box

Mushrooms                  Carrots                                 Apples        Grapefruit                                      Romaine Lettuce         Potatoes                               Oranges      Avocado                                      Broccoli                         Spinach                                Pears           Lemon

If your interested in ordering these boxes, please email me directly

This program will proceed as long as we have enough interest! Thanks for your support!







  1. Hi, Any chance you might offer this on Saturdays? Or weekdays after 5pm? I can’t make it Wednesdays at those hours. Thanks, Teresa

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