Community Kitchen Menus

This month, the Cedar Cottage Food Network has been hosting a weekly community kitchen program at Trout Lake Community Centre. With such a great group of people, it’s been fun experimenting with different cuisines and recipes. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed throughout the program:

Week 1: Indian food
Masoor dal aur band gobi (red split lentils with cabbage)
Indian spiced cauliflower and potatoes
Cucumber raita

Week 2: Mexican food
Vegetarian tortilla soup
Grilled fish tacos with chipotle-lime dressing
Pico de gallo

Week 3: Lebanese/Middle Eastern food
Fattoush salad
Baba ghanouj

Week 4: Thai/Vietnamese food
Vegetarian Thai Tom Yum soup
Fresh salad rolls with spicy peanut dipping sauce
Shrimp Pad Thai


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