Kensington-Cedar Cottage Food Asset Map

KCC Food Network Map_Page_1For the past few months, the Cedar Cottage Food Network has been working with a designer to create a food asset map for the Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighbourhood. A food asset map highlights food infrastructure in the area (gardens, food retailers, food programs, etc) while showing which pockets of the neighbourhood may need improvement. For example, one would notice the high concentration of community gardens at the north end of the neighbourhood, near Commercial-Broadway station and Trout Lake. There are fewer in other parts of the neighbourhood. There are a multitude of reason why this might be and the point of a food asset map is to start conversations around why these assets exist in some places but not others.

Now, we need your input. Is the map comprehensive? Do you see anything we’ve missed on the map? Have any ideas to address gaps you see? Send any comments to cedarcottagefoodnetwork[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you for your thoughts!


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