Family Day Celebration Photos

This past Monday, Cedar Cottage Food Network (CCFN) was invited once again to organize cooking demonstrations at Trout Lake Community Centre to celebrate Family Day (and Lunar New Year, too!).

The smell of ginger attracted folks to Laura’s demo.

The first demonstration was by CCFN Board member, Laura, who showed event attendees how to brew up their own (non-alcoholic) ginger beer. Laura is a fermented foods fanatic who is starting up her own business soon.

The second demonstration was led by CCFN Executive Director, Lauren, who worked with several children to make homemade Pop Tarts, a fresh take on the heavily processed breakfast treat.

Last but not least, CCFN volunteer Lucia demonstrated how to make vegetarian dumplings, a Chinese New Year staple. This was another especially popular demo with kids.

Gong hey fat choy

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the event and those who made it happen. Until next year!



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